Winaico Succeeded Market Entry in Mexico

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March 21, 2014 - Winaico, a subsidiary of Win Win Precision Technology Co, Ltd., successfully entered the Mexican solar market. Several photovoltaic projects have already been accomplished. Currently the company is involved in two projects on commercial buildings.

For the first system 93 modules Winaico WSP‐260P6 were installed on an Attorney Office Building in Pedregal, Mexico City. With this 24kW solar system the customer will save approximately 30 % of his utility bill. The system is already in operation since the beginning of March 2014.

The other system is a 20kW PV system. 76 modules of type Winaico WSP‐260P6 will be installed on a green mall in Santa Fe, Mexico City, which is currently under construction. The Winaico panels will be installed in April 2014.

"We are very excited to have installed some projects in Mexico now and the Mexican market has acknowledged the top quality of our panels. Mexico has a great solar potential and we anticipate a very successful year", says Albert Rojas, Winaico's General Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean. 

Both projects, the one on the Attorney Building and the Garden Santa Fe Mall, are accomplished by Winaico's partner company Centurion Solar Energy México.

"Our Mexico clients are very demanding and kind of skeptical of the solar technology, so basically they make their solar decision based on our advice. This represents a big responsibility for us and definitively we cannot take any risk. From our perspective, Winaico offers not only high quality which means durability over time, but a competitive price that allows to reach the client expected ROI", says René Lazo, Director of Centurion Solar Energy México.

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