Philadelphia Solar Ltd
Al Qastal Industrial Area 2, Airfreight Road, Amman, 11814
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Philadelphia Solar was established in 2007 with an area of 14.200 square metres and a current investment of 165 million USD.

As a photovoltaic panel and steel mounting structure manufacturer, Philadelphia Solar is the first MEA-based company to manufacture, develop, design, construct, own, and operate utility-scale, commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants.

Our main products and solutions are monocrystalline monofacial and bifacial modules produced using fully automated production lines with the latest Equipment and EL Testing Inspection machines. Our production capacity is up to 500MW.

Philadelphia Solar is a well-known brand across the globe, winning Top Brand PV in MENA for 2021 and 2022 as well as exporting to over 52 countries worldwide. 

Philadelphia Solar strives to maintain cutting-edge technology based on green energy by marketing the highest international-standard products that are backed by a 30-year warranty and outstanding technical support.

تفاصيل العمل
النوع: أحادي البلورية
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 400-550
بلورية عالية الكفاءة
النوع: PERC ،Bifacial
نطاق القدرة (Wp): 400-550
Our Factory
Our Projects
Al Badiya 23MWp Project
Al-Amlaaq 2.7MWp Project
Al-Hussainiyah 66MWp Project
Clemenceau 8.02MWp Project
Social Security 18.75MWp Project
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  • 0.297 / Wp
    Phenex PS-M144...
    535 ~ 545 Wp Bifacial ،PERC
  • 0.297 / Wp
    Dark Phenex 40...
    400 ~ 410 Wp Bifacial ،PERC
  • 0.297 / Wp
    IRIS PS-M144(H...
    535 ~ 550 Wp PERC
  • Phenex Double ...
    535 ~ 550 Wp Bifacial ،PERC
  • Mono-facial PS...
    435 ~ 455 Wp PERC
  • Black-Iris 400...
    400 ~ 410 Wp PERC
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  • Carpark Mounti...
    مرآب التركيب
  • Roof Top Mount...
    سقف مسطح
  • Canopy Mountin...
    تركيب أرضي
  • Ramming Mounti...
    تركيب أرضي
  • Tracker Mounti...
    تركيب أرضي
  • Pitch Tile Roo...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
  • Pitch Tin Roof...
    سقف مضاعف الميل
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